The Vanished Cedar Forests of Lebanon

Without doubt, the most sought-after tree of Bible times was the majestic cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus Libani). The Bible mentions the cedar of Lebanon or cedar wood over 70 times! At one time, vast forests of these graceful trees covered the mountains of Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean region. They can grow at low elevations as well as high, but growing in the rugged  and arid conditions of the Lebanese mountains, contributes to a hardy tree with a reputation for wood that is all but indestructible. Continue reading

The Mystery of “Absalom’s Tomb” – Part 1

At the base of the Mount of Olives, in the valley of Kidron, just outside the city walls of Jerusalem is a striking rock-cut tomb that for centuries has been commonly called, the “Tomb of Absalom”. Passerby would traditionally throw stones at it and fathers of disobedient children would bring them there to show what would happen to rebellious sons.

The attribution of the monument as belonging to Absalom comes from the passage at 2 Samuel 18:18, ” Now Absalom, while he was alive, had taken and set up for himself a pillar in the Valley of the King, for he said: “I have no son to preserve the memory of my name.” So he named the pillar after himself, and it is called Absalom’s Monument to this day.Continue reading

Rabbah The Capital Of Ammon


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Post 11 – In the middle of Amman the capital of Jordan, is an L shaped hill called the Citadel. This is the location of Rabbah (also called Rabbath-Ammon) the capital city of the Ammonites (1 Chronicles 20:1). It was this city that David’s general Joab successfully set out conquer and it was close to its walls Continue reading

The Water Shaft And The “Millo”


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Post 9 – (Originally posted October 2015) This week in #weeklybiblereadingarcheology, two features from the City of David mentioned in 1 Chronicles chapter 11. In verse 5 the Jebusites taunt David, “You will never come in here!” Verse 6 tells us that David’s general Joab successfully took up the challenge. 2 Samuel 5:8 Continue reading