Does The Bible Have A Camel Problem?

A CNN website article asked, “Do camel bones discredit the Bible?” The Daily Mail in England wondered, “Do camels prove that the Bible is inaccurate?” The New York Times asserted, “Camels had no business in Genesis“. Fox News said, “Camel bones suggest error in the Bible, archaeologists say”. CNN’s religion blog famously asked, “Will camel discovery break the Bible’s back?” These were all headlines in February 2014. Perhaps you remember seeing a story like this? Continue reading

The land of Midian

Where Was The Land Of Uz?

Where was the Land of Uz?

Where was the Land of Uz? (Map and photo by author)

Post 29 – The faithful man Job lived in the “land of Uz” (Job 1:1). But where was the land of Uz? It’s tricky to identify as the name “Uz” seems to be an informal name applied by the Israelites to a region and not the formal name of a country. Job 1:3 says that Job was, “the greatest of all the people of the East.” But east of where? Continue reading

Nehemiah’s Three Opposers in Archeology


Bottom photo by Hassan Bushnaq (CC BY-SA 3.0) Wikimedia Commons . Sanballat letter photo, c1907 {{PD}} Wikimedia Commons . Geshem bowl photo from the Brooklyn Museum (CC BY 3.0).

Post 23 – Remarkably, archeology may corroborate the existence of all 3 enemies mentioned in Nehemiah chapter 6:1. The first 2 pieces may be seen at the Brooklyn Museum, which Robin and I enjoyed doing in October. The “Elephantine Papyri” (Top left) mentions “Sanballat the governor of Samaria”. Continue reading

Where Was The Land Of Sheba?


Sheba pics

Photos on left by Ljuba brank (CC BY-SA 3.0) Wikimedia Commons. Source: Map by StepMap.

Where was the land of Sheba? The wealthy kingdom from which the famous queen journeyed was almost certainly located in southern Arabia, primarily in Yemen with colonies along the western coast of Arabia and across the Red Sea in Ethiopia and modern Eritrea. The Kingdom of Continue reading