Evidence for the Tabernacle at Shiloh?

Has archeological evidence been found of the Tabernacle?

During the conquest of Canaan, the Tent of Worship or the Tabernacle was set up in a hill town named Shiloh. It was here that Joshua, successor to Moses, completed the apportioning of the Land of Promise. The Tabernacle, the portable Temple built according to the exact design specifications given by God to Moses was to remain in Shiloh for over 3 centuries. It would stay here for most if not all of the era of the Judges (356 years). According to Talmudic sources, it was in place in Shiloh for a total of 369 years. Continue reading

Did The Canaanites Really Sacrifice Their Children?

Were the Canaanites merciless child killers or gentle nature worshippers?

Warning: Subject matter may disturb

Historical revisionist theories regularly receive more traction among Bible critics than the facts would warrant. For example, consider the subject of polytheism verses monotheism. Most religious history books teach that cultures that were polytheistic (believers in many gods) naturally progressed towards becoming monotheistic (believers in one God). This is seen, even by agnostics as being a necessary step toward becoming a more mature society. Increasingly however, Bible critics challenge that idea. They see the move from polytheism to monotheism as a negative development. According to their version of history, gentle nature worshipping polytheistic societies such as Canaan were supplanted by aggressive monotheistic cultures like the Hebrews which were less tolerant, sexually repressed and war-like. Continue reading

Does The Bible Have A Camel Problem?

A CNN website article asked, “Do camel bones discredit the Bible?” The Daily Mail in England wondered, “Do camels prove that the Bible is inaccurate?” The New York Times asserted, “Camels had no business in Genesis“. Fox News said, “Camel bones suggest error in the Bible, archaeologists say”. CNN’s religion blog famously asked, “Will camel discovery break the Bible’s back?” These were all headlines in February 2014. Perhaps you remember seeing a story like this? Continue reading

The Threshing Floor of Ornan

Threshing floor Jerusalem

(Top) Drawing by: John H. Bishop Vincent {PD} Wikimedia Commons. (Bottom left0 Photo by author. (Bottom right) Photo credit: American Colony, Jerusalem {PD – Library of Congress}Wikimedia Commons

Post 12 – The threshing floor of Ornan (Araunah) the Jebusite, this week in #weeklybiblereadingarcheology. Early in King David’s reign, the large hill to the north of the City of David (Mount Moriah), was still devoid of Continue reading

The Water Shaft And The “Millo”


Photos by author.

Post 9 – (Originally posted October 2015) This week in #weeklybiblereadingarcheology, two features from the City of David mentioned in 1 Chronicles chapter 11. In verse 5 the Jebusites taunt David, “You will never come in here!” Verse 6 tells us that David’s general Joab successfully took up the challenge. 2 Samuel 5:8 Continue reading