The Water Shaft And The “Millo”


Photos by author.

Post 9 – (Originally posted October 2015) This week in #weeklybiblereadingarcheology, two features from the City of David mentioned in 1 Chronicles chapter 11. In verse 5 the Jebusites taunt David, “You will never come in here!” Verse 6 tells us that David’s general Joab successfully took up the challenge. 2 Samuel 5:8 reveals how he did it. David suggests he go up through “the water tunnel”. Does such a tunnel exist? Yes! In 1867 a British officer discovered a Canaanite water shaft (Left) that may well be Joab’s tunnel. It is 13 meters high, which is perhaps why the Jebusites thought themselves safe (I asked to climb it, the guard said no). 1 Chronicles 11:8 says that David built the City of David from “the Mound” to the areas around it. The footnote did “the Mound” says, ‘Or “Millo”. A Hebrew term meaning “fill”.’ An ancient retaining wall uncovered under the City of David during the last century (Arrow on right) is almost certainly that “Millo”. #biblereadingarcheology #biblereadingarchaeology

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