Rabbah The Capital Of Ammon


Photos by author.

Post 11 – In the middle of Amman the capital of Jordan, is an L shaped hill called the Citadel. This is the location of Rabbah (also called Rabbath-Ammon) the capital city of the Ammonites (1 Chronicles 20:1). It was this city that David’s general Joab successfully set out conquer and it was close to its walls where Bathsheba’s husband Uriah was betrayed by his own men at David’s order (2 Samuel 11:24). Very little remains from that era. By Jesus time the city had been rebuilt and renamed Philadelphia and was one of the league of Greek speaking cities called the Decapolis. Many of the ruins on or near the site date from that time including the Temple of Hercules (Top) and a impressive 6000 seat Roman amphitheater (Bottom, right side). After the Roman influence subsided, the city was renamed Amman in memory of the ancient Ammonites. #weeklybiblereadingarcheology #biblereadingarcheology #biblereadingarchaeology

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