Where Did The Treasure Of King Solomon Go?


According to the Bible, King Solomon obtained 666 talents of gold (22,679 kilograms or 25 U.S tons) in one year! The Bible account says that the famously wise king, “…made the silver and in Jerusalem as plentiful as the stones.” (2 Chronicles 1:15) King Solomon was famous for his wealth in a way that his successors were not. Where did the immense wealth and treasure of King Solomon go? Continue reading

The Babylonian Invasion In Archeology – Part 1: Jerusalem Falls

The Babylonian invasion of Judah is one of the most momentous events in the history of Israel. It resulted in the destruction of the capital Jerusalem, the exile of the population to a foreign land, the end of independent rule by kings from the house of David and most importantly, the destruction of the glorious temple built by King Solomon. There was a controversy at one time about whether the Bible exaggerated the event. Some today still might still dispute certain details, but the archaeological evidence is clear, there can be no doubt as to whether those events occurred. Continue reading

King Hezekiah’s Seal Discovered


Screen Capture from cnn.com

Post 19 – You may have seen a headline like this early in December? The Biblical King being referenced is none other than Hezekiah. The clay seal or “bulla” was found near the Temple Mount in what seems to have been an ancient dump site. The clay seal would have secured a string around a rolled Continue reading

The Burial Places Of The Kings Discovered?

PhotoGrid_1458878794453 (1) Where are the “burial places of the kings” (2 Chronicles 21:20)? On a hill to the west of the City of David is a building that claims to house King David’s tomb. Inside the building (which serves as a Synagogue, Mosque and Church) visitors will see observant Jews praying next to a stone tomb that they are convinced belongs to the ancient king (Top). However, most Jews recognize that this couldn’t possibly be David’s tomb. The building is not nearly sufficiently ancient dating back only to the  Continue reading

Pharoah Shishak’s Invasion in Archeology


The Bubastite Portal wall relief in Karnak, Egypt. (Inset. The Shishak fragment from Megiddo at the Rockerfeller Museum in Jerusalem.)

As recorded in 2 Chronicles chapter 12 (and 1 Kings 14:25), early in the reign of King Rehoboam, the newly separate Kingdom of Judah is invaded by Pharaoh Shishak of Egypt. Is there any evidence for this invasion in the archeological record? Yes there is! On the wall of the temple of Amon-Ra in Karnak Egypt, there is a Continue reading