Where Was The Land Of Sheba?


Sheba pics

Photos on left by Ljuba brank (CC BY-SA 3.0) Wikimedia Commons. Source: Map by StepMap.

Where was the land of Sheba? The wealthy kingdom from which the famous queen journeyed was almost certainly located in southern Arabia, primarily in Yemen with colonies along the western coast of Arabia and across the Red Sea in Ethiopia and modern Eritrea. The Kingdom of Continue reading

King Solomon’s Chariot Cities

Megiddo and Gates

Photos by author except for bottom right. Photo Credit: Mboesch (CC BY-SA 4.0) Wikimedia Commons

Post 13 – The building projects of King Solomon, this week in #weeklybiblereadingarcheology. In addition to building the Temple, 2 Chronicles 1:14 speaks of Solomons “chariot cities”. 1 Kings 9:15-17 states that Solomon Continue reading

The Threshing Floor of Ornan

Threshing floor Jerusalem

(Top) Drawing by: John H. Bishop Vincent {PD} Wikimedia Commons. (Bottom left0 Photo by author. (Bottom right) Photo credit: American Colony, Jerusalem {PD – Library of Congress}Wikimedia Commons

Post 12 – The threshing floor of Ornan (Araunah) the Jebusite, this week in #weeklybiblereadingarcheology. Early in King David’s reign, the large hill to the north of the City of David (Mount Moriah), was still devoid of Continue reading

A Visit To Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Post 6 – This week in #weeklybiblereadingarcheology, Hezekiah’s tunnel under the City of David (Jerusalem), from 2 Kings 20:20. This tunnel redirected the Gihon spring, the only source of fresh water for the city. Formerly, the spring was reached outside the main walls of the city. When Continue reading