The “Tel Dan Stele”


Photos by author.

Post 8 –  It doesn’t look impressive, but this broken monument at the Israel Museum called the “Tel Dan Stele” (inset) is considered by some to be the most important find in Biblical archeology in decades. 1 Chronicles chapter 3 lists the descendants of David. A sequence of rulers from the same family is referred to as a “House”. These fragments were discovered near the city gate of Dan (arrow) in 1993 and 1994. It mentions 8 different kings from the Bible including 5 from the kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Most remarkable is the reference to King Jehoram “of the House of David”. Up until recently Bible critics taught that David never existed! Since 1994 further references to David have been discovered on the Moabite Stone (it had previously been mistranslated) and on a temple in Egypt (Temple of Amun, Karnak). Clearly if the enemy nations around Israel never believed that David was mythical, there is no reason for Bible critics to. Today almost all have begrudgingly accepted that David was an important historical person. #weeklybiblereadingarcheology #biblereadingarcheology #biblereadingarchaeology

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